Save time when picking up or dropping off passengers

Exclusive advantages
  • First 30 minutes are free
  • Pick up passengers in a fast and easy way
  • Located at the port’s entrance
  • Designed to save you time
  • Disabled friendly facilities
  • Pay in cash or by card at automatic payment points
  • Quick and easy access
  • No need to walk long distances or take lifts
Customer service
For further information call us at
34 956 66 39 21
Included services
Legal notice
Dirección: Josep Tarradellas 123-127 5º C 08029 BARCELONA
Datos registrales: Registro Mercantil de Barcelona
Tomo 7239
Libro 6511
Sección 2ª
Folio 105
Hoja nº 82.895
Inscripción 1ª
C.I.F.: B-58161514

Concession holder: Continental Parking