Save time when picking up or dropping off passengers

Exclusive advantages
  • First 30 minutes are free
  • Pick up passengers in a fast and easy way
  • Located at the port’s entrance
  • Designed to save you time
  • Disabled friendly facilities
  • Pay in cash or by card at automatic payment points
  • Quick and easy access
  • No need to walk long distances or take lifts
Customer service
For further information call us at
34 956 66 39 21
Included services
We offer you affordable rates based on your stay and the first hour parking for free.
Choose the most comfortable option, free from any kind of access problem or traffic jams.



Fist 45 minutes


46th minute

0,6153 €

47th to 60th minute

0,0308 €

61th to 120th minute

0,0318 €

120th to 180th minute

0,0328 €

181th to 240th minute

0,0338 €

241th to 660th minute

0,0359 €

Whole day

24,20 €





First 60 minutes


61th minute

0,8203 €

62th to 720th minute

0,0410 €

Whole day

27,80 €

Concession holder: Continental Parking